As a culturally and globally aware brand, inspired by women all year long, one of the main brand cores is to bring feminine issues on the agenda.

After a close friend of the Danamé family was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was only natural to take action and become officially active by raising awareness, contributing, and eventually creating, a timeless piece, dedicated and designed to support that cause inside out - 'Le foulard'.

Symbolizing femininity, soft and flexible, yet full of statement, the iconic item that no wardrobe can exist without, gently wrapping the body with beautiful strength, adding a sense of color, allowing to decide exactly how much to share, and to stay comfortable in our own skin, intensifying the individual glow.

'Le foulard' collection is available for pre-order in October 2020, during the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, delivery in March 2021. All profits will donate to 'Ruban rose' with over 300 items shifted these days to the organization headquarters.

It’s a call for all women to stand for each other, increasing the impact and empower one another through all facets of life.


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