DANAMÉ was founded in 2018 by Dana Stinea-Messika, out of deep appreciation to the postmodern woman, exploring the ongoing dialog between woman and her wardrobe.
Being a daughter of a seamstress, Dana was drawn to the world of Fashion as of young age.
Growing around fabrics and silhouettes, aside to her adventurous spirit and exploring nature, led her to a successful international modeling career.
At the age of 19, she moved to Paris, where she also met the love of her life and a great inspiration - Andre Messika, founder of Messika Jewelry.
Dana was fascinated by the history of social evolution, and intrigued by the connection shared by women,
describing it as analogous to the 'covalent bond' between carbon atoms of a diamond.

These two worlds became one, and created DANAMÉ - A brand dedicated to the individual woman, and her journey through all facets of life.

DANAMÉ smart design captures the essence of cool and chic Parisian spirit by constantly exploring the 'covalent bond' between women and garments, combining opposing concepts, to define harmony, while creating timeless pieces to empower women and merging comfort, sensuality and glam.