DANAMÉ was established in 2016 by Dana Setinea Messika. 

Dana was born in Romania, the daughter of a seamstress. At the age of 18, she began a worldwide career in modeling and finally decided to settle in Paris in 1987.

In 1989, she met her husband, the famous diamond merchant Andre Messika, and they started a family. She then joined the American University of Paris to study gender studies and history of art.

In 2016 she decided to listen to her intuition and create her own women's ready-to-wear brand, Danamé. Her fashion vision aimed to make handcrafted embroidery and simple pure lines with elaborate details more accessible in the fashion world, advocating finesse and elegance.

DANAMÉ is a modern, sensual, and effortless luxury ready to wear brand.                                          

DANAMÉ takes the most aristocratic element in fashion, embroidery, down from its pedestal, it takes this ancient craft and gives it a bold and modern vibe.

Thus, DANAMÉ is a brand with soul. It goes beyond aesthetics and luxury. It exists to serve the purpose of giving hand embroidery the place it deserves, for it is a disappearing art.

DANAMÉ celebrates handwork, this brand is born out of great respect for this ancient craft. Its collections embodies hand embroidery on precious fabrics, creating a luxurious effortless brand, the clothing becomes, thus, the ‘wearable jewels’.

“My mission is to create a

true wearable jewel”.

– Dana Setinea Messika

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